How to install an underfloor heating system?

We were using electric heaters or gas heaters during winter to warm up our rooms and it was literally the most terrible and hectic experience ever. But now underfloor heating London has made your life easy in the sense that you can install the heating system under the floor and get your all room or even open area warm where you feel you and your family need a heating system to keep you all warm while protecting from the cold.

 Now the heating company London is presenting two types of underfloor heating systems to install in your homes that are wet and dry underfloor heating systems. You can get your home warm during winter without using the heaters in corners but you can get it by getting the services of underfloor heating surrey

How to install an underfloor heating system? 

Underfloor heating Surrey helps you to install a reliable, effective, and more efficient heating system in your home that will not only be enjoyable for a few members but all the family. Here are the steps, underfloor heating surrey installs the heating systems in your home.

Preparing the subfloor carefully 

First of all, Underfloor heating London prepares the subfloor where the underfloor heating system to be installed. The professional team cleans the subfloor by removing the nails, tongue-and-groove system, and floorboards. They do so to make the surface plain and clean to avoid any problem later after installation. 

Spreading the underfloor heating insulation on the subfloor 

After ensuring the subfloor is clean by removing the sharp objects that can damage the pipes or the electric wires when installed, heating company London goes for spreading a layer of insulators. A layer of insulators helps to avoid damage in case if some sharp objects or any debris remains behind. Heating company London does reliable work by installing the insulation to avoid the future problems of leakage of warm water or the electricity underfloor. 

Installing manifolds on insulation if installing a wet underfloor heating system 

After that, underfloor heating London goes for installing the manifold before installing the pipes for warm water. It helps to connect the water pipes to make the supply of warm water sufficient. It is installed along the walls to provide support to bear the heavyweight of water pipes. 

Install the water pipes or the electric underfloor heating sheets 

After doing the preparations before installation of the water pipes and electric underfloor heating sheets, the professionals of heating company London install electric wire if you choose to install a dry heating system, otherwise pipes if you choose to install a wet underfloor heating system. 

Covering the underfloor heating system with a concrete or the floor 

Next, they cover the heating system spread over the subfloor with screed, a new floor to make it totally safe for the people living in the house. 

Warming up the underfloor heating system as per your requirement 

At last, your underfloor heating system is ready to work. You can warm it up as per your choice or the weather requirement. 


You can install an underfloor heating system in your home by following the steps shared in this article but it is better to let the professionals do their work properly.